You will wear your uniforms during the following events:

  1. -travel to the jamborees

  2. -opening ceremonies

  3. -touring Norway and USA

You will wear a Scout uniform — but not necessarily a BSA or NSF uniform — during the following events:

  1. -closing ceremonies

  2. -travel home

BSA uniform:

Your BSA uniform consists of the following items:

  1. -BSA Venturing uniform shirt with patches as shown here >>>

  2. -Dark green Venturing shoulder loops

  3. -BSA or NSF jamboree neckerchief

  4. -BSA Venturing uniform cap

  5. -BSA Venturing uniform pants (switchback is OK)

  6. -BSA Venturing uniform socks

  7. -shoes / boots (no sandals or flip-flops)

You will receive the following items to wear on your
BSA Venturing uniform:
    - 2017 BSA NSJ patch
    - 2017 BSA NSJ name plate
    - NORD 2017 patch
    - Jamboree council shoulder patch (gold border)
    - Jamboree unit numeral
    - Position patch (e.g., patrol leader)
    - Patrol patch (e.g., osprey)

The BSA uniform looks like a Christmas tree compared to  the Scout uniforms of most other countries.  We will therefore not wear every patch we own, but select those that are relevant to our transatlantic troop.

Do not wear any patches that are associated with your home patrol or troop.  Examples include “Journey to Excellence” and “National Honor Patrol” patches.  Your jamboree troop and patrol have not earned these awards.

You may choose to wear your Order of the Arrow pocket flap if you have paid your annual dues to your lodge.  However, this is not required.  Arrow men and women are encouraged to bring their sash for the OA day at the 2017 BSA National Scout Jamboree.

You may choose to wear your Boy Scout rank patch, Arrow of Light patch, and your knots, as shown.  However, this is not required.  If you are 18+ years old, then do not wear your rank patch or Arrow of Light, but wear the corresponding knots instead.

You are encouraged to wear the following if you have earned them:

  1. -“Messengers of Peace” is an integral part of international Scouting.  Do not wear other rings around the Word Scout crest emblem.

  2. -Language strips show that you can carry on a conversation in a language other than English.  This is a very useful skill at the jamborees.

  3. -“Amateur Radio Operator” shows that you are ready to reach out to Scouts across the world.

At least one of your BSA uniform pants should be the nylon switchback pants.  It will be hot and humid (in the US), and these pants will dry fast and convert to shorts.  These will also be appropriate for occasions when shorts are inappropriate (e.g., during touring).

If you are a member of Venturing Crew 158, then your BSA Boy Scout or Girls Scout USA uniform at home (unless you plan to trade it).

If you are not a member of Venturing Crew 158, then wear your BSA Boy Scout or Girls Scout USA uniform in place of the BSA Venturing uniform.


When not wearing an official BSA or NSF uniform, then you should wear appropriate outdoor clothing.  Avoid clothing with non-Scouting decorations:

  1. -Always wear your jamboree neckerchief and ID card

  2. -Scout t-shirt (e.g., from your home troop)

  3. -BSA venturing uniform shorts or pants

  4. -BSA venturing uniform socks

  5. -Shoes / boots (not sandals or flip-flops)


These patrol patches will be distributed to the patrol members:

At a jamboree, it is customary to bring two uniforms so that you always have a clean uniform to wear.  In our case, we will also bring two uniforms:  One BSA Venturing uniform, and one NSF Scout uniform.  This page describes these two uniforms.  You may not trade either of these two uniforms until the last day of the 2017 BSA National Scout Jamboree.  If you want to trade uniforms before this, then you will need to bring extra uniforms for such trading.

BSA Venturing
switchback pants

BSA Venturing

uniform cap

BSA Venturing
uniform shirt

BSA Venturing  uniform socks

NSF uniform shirt

    Woodpecker                    Osprey                            Bear

    Hakkespett                      Havørn                            Bjørn

NSF uniform:

Your NSF uniform consists of the following items:

  1. -Uniform shirt

  2. -Neckerchief and slider

You can wear any pants or shorts with this uniform, including BSA Scout or Venturing pants/shorts.

The patches for the NSF uniform will be provided upon arrival in Bodø, Norway:  Be prepared for an awesome patch-sewing fest when we arrive on June 29, 2017, assisting each other with proper patch placements on our BSA and NSF uniforms!

Hence, avoid gluing patches...